Entrepreneurship with vision!
Methods and Tools for Managerial Capacity Building
of Agricultural Producers in Central and Eastern Europe

Book “Farming with vision – strategy, networking, marketing and business planning”

The publication presents Interactive Strategic Management method – theory and application; experiences of ISM sessions with farmers – practical examples from Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Austria; Interactive Strategic Management training sessions – experiences with application with students; marketing module description; guideline to business planning module and networking; summary of experiences and evaluation of trainings. The appendix contains detailed description of the factor analysis and strategies and provides description of the Strategic Management Tool.

The book is dedicated to farmers who would like to improve their entrepreneurial skills and observe some positive examples of their business colleagues; vocational teachers and agricultural advisors who deal with teaching and advising farmers in the strategy-building process and entrepreneurship; scientific workers to observe the transfer of the innovative methodology; policy makers who may wish to use this approach to stimulate the process of the strategic development of the farming sector; and to all other interested stakeholders who may benefit from the method, tool and new approach.

Language version available in one file: English


Book “Farming with vision – strategy, networking, marketing and business planning”


From 2015