Entrepreneurship with vision!
Methods and Tools for Managerial Capacity Building
of Agricultural Producers in Central and Eastern Europe

Business planning module

The Excel based BP-tool allows calculating the economic result of the farm in the current (basic) state (farm gross margins, net profit, cash flows and cash balance) basing on the actual structure of crop and animal production. It allows also to simulate the possible changes depending on the strategy choice of the farmer. The scenario analysis gives information about the future farm gross margins, net profit, cash flows and cash balance, after realization of a certain strategy. It balances also the feeds for animals. It gives the possibility of quick change of parameters (allows to test different variants of the strategy and to check sensitivity of results of changes of some key parameters – like prices, variable costs, fixed costs, financing sources, subsidies etc).

The BP Tool could be used in agricultural trainings, in daily work of farm advisors and individually by more skillful farmers. It also could be used as a part of the curriculum for agricultural economics students.   

Language versions available in the file are: English, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovenian, German.


Business planning module – ALL LANGUAGE VERSIONS  in one file


From 2015