Entrepreneurship with vision!
Methods and Tools for Managerial Capacity Building
of Agricultural Producers in Central and Eastern Europe

Website – Entrepreneurship with Vision – Interactive Strategic Management for farming sector

A public internationally oriented website http://ism.sggw.pl/ accessible for project partners and interested stakeholders world-wide was prepared. The project goals and results of ISM+ project were uploaded into the web-structure, as well as other relevant information concerning entrepreneurship, which form an KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM devoted to Strategic management, Farm Marketing, Business-Planning and Networking.

The web provided a description of the methods and tools and presented farm cases of producers who used the method in the past and current project (in the books in publications available in the “publication and downloads” section). It provided the evaluation results of the trainings, ISM-method and other modules (in the output 9 and ISM Book in the “publication and downloads” section). The NEWS section was added to the web, for the purpose of informing about the main events in the project, but also later about the events connected with strategic management in farming. The web will serve as a dissemination and exhibition of the products. The web presents as well general interesting and innovative information about and developments concerning various aspects of entrepreneurship, with focus on strategy building. The main web language is English, however some materials (products, dissemination material) is also available in national languages: Polish, Slovenian, Lithuanian, German.




From 2015