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Methods and Tools for Managerial Capacity Building
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Training module guidelines specifically for agricultural students

Interactive Strategic Management ISM Method was adjusted to train agricultural students. The course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge concerning strategic analysis of the farm and development of the long term farm strategy. ISM student trainings are especially dedicated to students who have their own farm or intend to take over the farm from their parents. The adjusted education curricula was developed specially for this target group. It can be used in the entire semester courses (30h) and in a shortened version (15h). Some practical hints for teachers and conclusions from the test trainings are also provided.  


Language version available in one file: English, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovenian.



ISM training guideline for students in ENGLISH

ISM training guideline for students in POLISH 

ISM training guideline for students in LITHUANIAN

ISM training guideline for students in SLOVENIAN



From 2015