Entrepreneurship with vision!
Methods and Tools for Managerial Capacity Building
of Agricultural Producers in Central and Eastern Europe

MULTILPIER EVENTS – SEMINAR IN SLOVENIA “Entrepreneurship with vision in the farming sector” – 31.01.2018 by Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana in cooperation with Slovenian Holstein Association

On January 31, 2018, we organized all day seminar (from 10.00 until 15.00) for farmers, students and advisers from Slovenian Extension Service. The main topic of this seminar was “Farming with Vision: How to get added value on the farm? – How to improve the income on the farm?

The seminar was organized in Domžale by Department of Animal Science – Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana in cooperation with Slovenian Holstein Association. More than 120 participants (farmers, young farmers, students, advisers, veterinarians, journalists) participated to this one day seminar. The seminar was held in Slovenian language (mostly) and in English language with translation to Slovenian language (presentation of invited speaker Dr Burkhard Schaer).


The program contained the following presentations:

  • Welcome from the organizers (Marija Klopčič. Vice-Dean prof. Peter Dovč, Gašper Napotnik, president of Slovenian Holstein Association)
  • Entrepreneurship with a Vision – ISM trainings and materials resulting from the strong and weak points in the dairy sector in some European countries (ISM+ project results) – Marija Klopčič
  • Marketing and promotion on farms with direct marketing – invited speaker Dr Burkhard Schaer, France
  • Cow milk at the muzzle – the influence of the time of mowing on the quality of the forage –students Matjaž Pirnat & Tomaž Jančar
  • The secrets of good breeding and the selection of breeding heifers – students Lana Fortuna & Borut Cveček
  • Modern trends in the construction of stables for dairy cows – students Miha Mihelčič & Luka Ložar
  • With the help of goats to the better quality of agricultural land – students Špela Krvina & Ana Nascivera
  • The role of fish for people and for environment – student Miha Potočnik
  • Genomic selection and monogenic properties – added value for cattle breeders – Anita Ule & Marija Klopčič

Seminar was very intensive with very good discussion and many questions from participants – especially about ISM+ project results and marketing strategies on the farm. In our country farmers tried to create added value with selling of their products directly on the farm or on local market. Knowledge and experiences from invited speaker Dr Burkhard Schaer were very much appreciated from participants. During the seminar, participants received also ISM+ project materials and information about using of ISM tool. Many farmers and advisers (especially from Slovenian Beekeeping Association) expressed interest for future ISM training.




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